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Sunday, November 21, 2004
dancing away 1:23 AM

Hi everyone!! Our concert has finalli been held successfully =) At last all our hard work has been paid off.......good job everybody!! For mi looking back at how tis concert came abt, tis concert seems like a fairy tale come true.... Wad seemed almost impossible has been achieved by us tonite....in the HC audi.....in front of our frenz and family whu came down to support us...

No doubt the journey to tis concert has not been a plain smooth sailing one, i'm sure all of us learnt a lot frm all the problems tt we hv faced... and the impt thing is..... we din give up in times of difficulty...... to quote jun kai's msn nick, "Perserverance to the end!!" i'm proud of the spirit tt our class has shown in the preparation for tis concert =)

A big thank you to the organising committee for tis concert..... thanks for putting up wif all the stress tt came along wif the numerous obstacles tt we faced along the way.... Thanks everyone whu put in the effort to come down and practise during rehearsals...... and pple whu hv come down to make all those impressive props.... without everyone's cooperation tis concert wudn't hv been so successful.....

Hmm hope u all hv a nice time enjoying the rest of ur hols~ Shall we hv a class outing soon? Perhaps next wkend?

Daryl (: