Home of 04S7B: 03/01/2004 - 04/01/2004
Friday, March 26, 2004
dancing away 4:55 PM

Heya people...I know I kind of left this place stagnant for a while...sorry, but I wasn't exactly in the mood to do a lot of things these few days..guess...will be better soon...hopefully...

For those who still cannot post, please tell me when u guys meet me on MSN or email me, so I can reinvite u individually...tt should work. So shen siong and daryl, STOP WHINING! :P

Kk...niwae, just a short note here...hope u guys can give us ur support for foony's and my council election...hope u guys help us rally support also...hehez...thnx ar!

Yes, catch up with homework...work hard guys!

Liangz (:

Thursday, March 25, 2004
dancing away 8:22 PM

heyz everyone!! stay cheerful n cute yea? ;) n of course our immediate goals.. to catch up with our hw! jia you!

huangfang (:

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
dancing away 11:08 PM

Hello everybody,

I am the newcomer to this class! I am Qunxiang... So basically, if u have watched huang cheng, I had acted as the judge in "nao4 gui3"... Ya, got to cope with biology, which I had not touched for these three months thoroughly + the coming elections... Hope to know more of you (esp. the girls) soon!

I have a blog that I do not normally update... http://qunxiang.diary-x.com

Got to sleep liaoz...

qunxiang (:

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
dancing away 4:00 PM

Hey, is it true that Shengle got posted to VJC??

If it's true..... Pity... I'll miss having somebody with the same birthday as mine in my own class.

Who's finished ALL his/her homework (excluding Dayrl)?

Eric (:

Sunday, March 21, 2004
dancing away 1:00 AM

Hey, i juz want to say that even though things might not go smoothly for some, always remember that problems can always be solved n it's all in the willpower, k? Hope everyone is happy n even though we might be separated, we'll still keep in touch! =)

Guan (:

Sunday, March 14, 2004
dancing away 1:44 PM

Sianz..... Something's been quite wrong with the class. I really don't wish to burst anybody's hopeful bubbles about how great this class might be, but still, there's this growing trend which everybody, including me, is guilty of.

Have you noticed "clique"ism as a growing trend? I see it. There's the Foony Clique, the SS Gang, the Chapteh Fraternity, the Green Club, the NYGH Clubhouse, and the Loner's Club etc. Somehow, there's no common topic amongst all of us.

Hopefully, there'll be some renewed form of integration between all of us during the chalet outing. Hopefully, the fun and games will bring us closer. Hopefully, we'll be able to dissolve the divisive barriers that have crept upon us during the first three months.

Slam me if you like for highlighting this really, really demoralizing issue, but please, at least take note of it.

Eric (:

Saturday, March 13, 2004
dancing away 3:39 PM

Bleahx. Now members still very few pple...u guys must publicise...let the whole class join!

Anyway, see the links section at the left hand column? If u guys got blog wanna link from here, tell me, then i put the link up. Any suggestions on the layout can tell me too!

Liangz (:

Friday, March 12, 2004
dancing away 7:43 PM

yay finally got class blog liao...good job secretary!
hmm 3 mths have flown by so quickly..and now it's the mar hols!!! cun wait for it actualli....and yes...chalet is coming...anw..enjoy ur hols ppl!

irene (:

Tuesday, March 02, 2004
dancing away 11:30 PM

Heya! Well, I'm not sure if this bloggie thingy is going to work out...so let's just try. Here, you can just post anything you want...maybe u can complain about the tests, the homework, then reminders about events, collection of whatever money and so on...can make it as lively as possible.
Well, this layout...I know it sux a little...so if u guys are unhappy, juz tell me, then I'll change it...k?
Oh yahz, and there's tag box at the left hand side...scroll down to see...can also leave a short note there.
So...have fun!

Liangz (: