Home of 04S7B: 09/01/2006 - 10/01/2006
Sunday, September 24, 2006
dancing away 11:13 PM

alrites i have kind of updated the links. efficient hoH???! hehehe. wells to all the uni pple. enjoy the term break! and lets all catch up on our laggin work.. gosh. think we all have alot. lets jus be muggers now.

and to the ns guys. hang on there.. eat more chocs, chocs makes u happy.
listen to jay chou's cd. it makes yea happy toO!! hehehe.

huangfang (:

eh eric has a blog wut


i jus remembered we used to haf a class diary, foony started it rite... haha pity it got lost.

Laezeeth (:

Saturday, September 23, 2006
dancing away 3:21 PM

eh? who else in e class got blog?

tabernacle (:

Sunday, September 17, 2006
dancing away 6:20 PM

yesh!! thanks rene rene for publicising for me!!
buy da zhong guo mooncake!! branded!!
and it's to for greater benefit cos u'll be helping pple by buying. if wanna order can always call me on my hp! 24/7 open! eh thou these two days it screwed up. werid. but yea... cant wait for MAF alr.

huangfang (:

hmm...*wonders wad's yc implying by that dialogue eh...* maybe the medic needs some love pills..
anyway i cant go for maf... :( so i shall wish all of u who reads this sentence happy mid autumn festival! and hopefully taiwan's moon's nicer yea.. zzz

D@niC (:

Heh. I totally agree man. We should all try to make it for MAF and litter the field again, all for old times sake! Memories of the past are getting fuzzier and there's no better time to revive it haha. YC's post set me thinking about the good times we had in the past too. Sweet. So yeah let's meet up!

P.S. YC dun anyhow put words in my mouth leh.. -__-

Kosmik (:

Saturday, September 16, 2006
dancing away 11:40 PM


anyway, kind of forgotten bout this place after it got stagnant until gl, drey and joanna reminded me. and yes, let's revive this blog!

amidst the mugging madness, shall we meet up for maf?! and bring lanterns, cameras, sparklers, pomelos and mooncakes! hey, but if u wanna eat mooncakes, i wldn't recommend the swensen ones =S ooh we can all order mooncakes from hf! she got branded mooncakes from da zhong guo! da zhong guo mooncakes are very nice de :D

and we can go play sparklers at the field and litter the place again whoops...and sit around our classbench and go for supper at the bukit timah belt. it's been a long while, hasn't it?

oh yes, the pictures below are super nice!

irene (:

so me, ss, junkai n pengsiang were talking..
ps: waliew! y ur ns life so slack one!!
me: haha.. yea envy me man..
ps: yyyyyyyyyyy.... life is so unfair!
me: eh yea.. life is unfair.. that's y god gave u irene..
jk+ss: exactly
ps: yea hoh.. good point.. ok life is fair


tabernacle (:

was idling this afternoon n took sometime to make a paper model of a interesting building..
haha.. took 3 photos of it, too bad it's in my phone.. which apparently is now in some dunno where place being checked.. zzz..
hopefully when i get it back i can upload e photos.. realli nice..

tabernacle (:

Friday, September 15, 2006
dancing away 8:26 PM

hey pple! maf's coming up... it's on 7 oct, a saturday. let's all try to keep that day free and go for maf, alright? i bet we all want to go see the shows and the burning structures and eat mooncakes and what-nots. so what are we waiting for? haha. yepz.

a sidenote: to all uni pple, keep going k! the workload might be piling up, but you all can do it! isn't the sch hols coming up soon? take that as an incentive and jiayou! and of course, to the army boys, you all got to persevere and protect our country! haha. =)

Guan (:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
dancing away 9:20 AM

CN tower.. makes me consider joining astronomy alr. hahaha.

huangfang (:

and this is the top view! the water fall is lovely!

huangfang (:

the other half of the rainbow~~~

huangfang (:

nigara falls in toronto! sent by mingfai! oh mY! i am so jealous of him! GOT RAINBOW!!!!

huangfang (:

Sunday, September 10, 2006
dancing away 1:35 PM

wow this place is revived haha

maf coming up le, see u guys ard

Laezeeth (:

Friday, September 08, 2006
dancing away 5:38 PM

the girls working.. diligently. so sweet hoh the girls. wahhahaha. =D

huangfang (:

the guys slacking. as usual. wahha.

huangfang (:

andrey cutting the cake. thanks for organising this gathering !! (:

huangfang (:

sorry the pic is blurred. i shall sharpen my photo taking skill soon.

huangfang (:

us at mr loi's new hse!

huangfang (:

Thursday, September 07, 2006
dancing away 6:20 PM

wahaha. yc tt is damn funny. finally sth good from ya sia.
not forgetting, the time when mr loi actually off the lights and allowed us to slp for 15 mins! i was stunnned!!
the times when yc talked and nobody bothered to ans. wahhaha.
rock oN pple! (:
come back for more visits! nice to see it reviving. k a lil is still some achievement. ((:

huangfang (:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
dancing away 10:01 PM

i suppose its better for me to post it here rather dan my blog..
it's juz some of my memories of jc life.. the things we did, the fun we had..
n probably u'll remember some of these things, if not all..
the things which i'll nv forget..

the times we spent in the fish tank.. playin table soccor..
the times which guanlin irene dawn n e other played e piano in the lounge while afew of e guys happily slpt on e sofa..
the times when we had to run n run for morning assembly but still get stopped by tiger lee..
the times when we gathered after school to com lab for archmage.. lol..
the time when i first join wushu n joseph zhanpei was so shocked to see me there..
the time when loi had to invite me n kailing out coz of our poor results..
the time when the guys stayed back wif drinks for e gals 2.4.. and vice versa..
the annual cross country when i we ran on horse tracks..
the times we faked physics prac readings backward to get perfect curves n results.. (takes skill)
the times when we blasted music on the rooftop..
the times when we had to stay back for class concert but was given 6hrs of cip..
and how it ended so successfully i can still watch it over n over without getting bored..
how xinrong always slpt during class..
how glendon tried the same thing but was poked awake by loi..
the time which even daryl decided to slp in lecture..
the time when the four of us jabbed the LT sound system n used it to play 'table'..
the time which we went to nuh for some interview.. which i taped..
and of coz all the haribo tt's been eaten during our PW discussions..
and the dota competition which we took part tt cost 4 bucks each..
and the times we had to go for detention lessons writing politically correct essays..
and the angel mortal game we played wif juniors..
the rock wall PE lesson which happened to be e most interesting of all PE lessons..
the shock i had when i realise tt farming actualli came out as an A lvl essay question..
the time before class concert when huangfang chase after guys putting make up for dem..
the overnight cycling we had.. until we got lost n had to turn back..
not to mention all the overnight lan..
and how we went to light firecrackers over at the chinese high field.. but din bother to clean up..

so much for my happi ending..


tabernacle (:


how's everyone doing manz? hope everyone is doing well... haha... i think this is my first entry this year... right now people going in different directions... nus, ntu, army, overseas... even in the unis also different courses... nice to meet up on sat at mr loi's house... haha... hope this class blog will continue living on (not like my sec class blog that has died down long ago)...

and diary-x is down long ago le... haha... can actually update the links...


qunxiang (:

Monday, September 04, 2006
dancing away 8:57 PM

hi everyone!! hows everyone doing?? coping well with uni and army??
will try to upload the photos taken at mr loi's hse sooN! his hse is sweet!!! nice deco sia.
lets look forward to MAF and hopefully almost all of the class pple can turn up this time round. time for a rocking good gathering. so tentatively make ur 7th Oct free! (i heard it's on tt day...)
and help to revive this blog!! thou i noe everyone is so busy... but yes.. a lil word or msg will do!

huangfang (: