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Sunday, March 14, 2004
dancing away 1:44 PM

Sianz..... Something's been quite wrong with the class. I really don't wish to burst anybody's hopeful bubbles about how great this class might be, but still, there's this growing trend which everybody, including me, is guilty of.

Have you noticed "clique"ism as a growing trend? I see it. There's the Foony Clique, the SS Gang, the Chapteh Fraternity, the Green Club, the NYGH Clubhouse, and the Loner's Club etc. Somehow, there's no common topic amongst all of us.

Hopefully, there'll be some renewed form of integration between all of us during the chalet outing. Hopefully, the fun and games will bring us closer. Hopefully, we'll be able to dissolve the divisive barriers that have crept upon us during the first three months.

Slam me if you like for highlighting this really, really demoralizing issue, but please, at least take note of it.

Eric (: