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Saturday, April 24, 2004
dancing away 10:26 PM

Heh guys...I'm terribly sorry for leaving this place stagnant...yupz.

Basically, I'm in the process of coming up with a new layout. But as you can see, I'm quite busy and tired these few days and i'll continue to be, so just bear with this for the time being.

Guan Lin's idea is not bad. Hm...let's see. I carry my zhongruan around, and they are like so much heavier than the guitars lor...hahaz...ok lahz, not so troublesome, just scared they bang into something then spoil...

For me, next week will be a very busy week for me because of all the internal elections for exco, standing com chairs, fac heads, working com chairs for the seven major events. So I think I'll be running for either the GT or GS (Treasurer or Secretary)...yupz yupz...but have to stay until very late at night every day. :(

So tt's all from me at the moment. You guys work hard for PW!

Liangz (: