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Monday, October 18, 2004
dancing away 9:18 PM

Houston, We have established contact...
Ok lameness, hahax. Budden yeah, I can finally post crap on the class blog. Thanks Kai Liang!
Mmmz, glad to see a revival in our class blog. Nice layout, could do with some music perhaps?
Oh well, already got back 2 papers le. Dunno wad to say, I think I'm damn tyco dat's all. Well congrats to those who have pwned the papers so far, hope that you continue being God-like for the next 3. To those who haven't done well, or think they haven't done well, there's still the next 3 papers to go. Miracles happen (look at me) so don't be too pessimistic...
Looking ahead of PW, Chinese AO n Chinese Hist AO, holidays are coming soon. Woot~ Can just lay back n relac relac sia... Have more class gatherings during the hols. Can also attend the daily Pwn-04S33-In-Dota session every night. Starts about 8.30pm - 9.00pm. Girls invited, look at how Cf kicks S33 butt.
Hehx, nuthin more to tok abt right now. Shall blog again soon.

Laezeeth (: