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Sunday, November 14, 2004
dancing away 8:06 PM

Boo ya!
Just tot I'd pop by to make an entry. I think I've come online too soon, the rest of the guys aren't here yet. Waiting for Dota to start...
Anyway Creative is having another sale! So those of you out there who are itching to buy an MP3 player or other Creative products, now's the time! Check it out at http://creativex.creative.com/promos/whs/sale.asp?n=31 . There's some new Zen Touch Mini. Another Ipod clone. But it's 5Gb. It looks more like a handphone if you ask me. Good time to get speakers too, some are going at really cheap prices. I sound like a salesman -_-"
Btw, who has SS's Rome Total War? Don't forget to lend me. I don't want to install it just before school starts o.O

Laezeeth (: