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Sunday, November 21, 2004
dancing away 1:59 AM

Hey people! The concert is finally over! Yayness. How fast isn't it? Yahz, kind of agree with daryl tt all these seem like a fairy tale come true. Hey, but we put in all the effort, and the concert was a great success! So let's celebrate!

Yupz, must thnx the committee for all their hard work, and all of us who put in those effort and time to attend rehearsals. Not forgetting those late nights at inner plaza, sl etc. Things like...Xin Rong seducing Uncle Chong, Eric splitting his pants, all the fun and laughter and sadness we went thru together as a class...we finally did it! Of cos, we'll definitely rmb this concert right?

Yupz, and tho there were like unhappiness and all those difficulties tt we faced during the prep of this concert, but now tt everything's over and we've shown to people our class spirit. So people now take a gd rest and enjoy ya hol. 7B ke-ba-ba! Will upload photos soon!

Liangz (: