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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
dancing away 2:22 AM

this blog is stagnating again.. haha. shall post since i am really bored now. bathing too late at nighe isnt good cos u willl feel too refreshed and cannot sleep! k think i have a huge 'lung' capacity to crap and crap and crap bith at my blog and now telepoting over to here. haha. anyway so exciting!!! i can turn up for one class outing at least for now. haha. so happy~~~ (: hopefully wont get tied down by the stall again. *prays*
k hmm.. am really bored. jus hope changfang will see this.. haha.. and to make it more real.. i shall change the date.. i can turn back time!!! so cool!!!! -_-"'


huangfang (: