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Friday, December 31, 2004
dancing away 1:19 PM


Me again. Btw, the J1s are coming in nxt yr. Duh...On wednesday there'll be a meet senior class session which is from 12 to 2 lahz. they're supposed to have lunch too, so I thot like the class would like to do smth for them to welcome them, as in our junior class. Like any ice breaking games or at least eat lunch with them etc. They'll also be preparing their O1 campfire item like we did last yr so I tot some of us could help them inwadever ways like buy dinner etc. hahaz...and we can bring our secondary sch uniform on campfire which is friday then we eat supper with juniors! Hahaz...

btw, ms yang teaching J2s so we'll prob tio her. And Mr Loy wanted to inform the whole class abt the flag raising thingy, so i tot he might be our CT...hahaz...guess guess onli k ar.


Liangz (: