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Saturday, December 18, 2004
dancing away 10:30 PM


In view of a possible bad turnout from our class, I have suggested working with 78... so it will be 04S79 vs 04S7B+04S78... Not fifa one lah... haha... Even if it is in FIFA, I dun even noe how they can rate us...


This blog is really stagnating... haha... so many cob webs...

Btw some 04S79 people brought this idea up... Who wants to join can blog over here!

Exhibition Match between 04S79 and 04S7B
Where?: School Field
When?: Some time in January after the S papers lessons or one day when we go home early
Who?: Match of 7 against 7; Subs allowed
How?: 40 mins match, 20 min per half
WHY?: I think they want to niao us... haha...

qunxiang (: