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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 7:43 PM

aha. my first post. So. here's my two cents worth.
Cliques. I think they're just unavoidable. I mean, even in my secondary school class (which was only like 13 people!) there were cliques. And now I'm in this class which has double that number...well, I'd be surprised if the class wasn't split into various groups.
There are bound to be personality clashes in any group. However, I think our class is already very 'mature' in the sense that even if some of us may get on each other's nerves, we don't actually go around badmouthing people behind their backs. Well, at least I haven't really heard it yet, IF it does go on. So I guess we have that much of an understanding, at least?
This is bound to be a busy year for everyone. A TON of homework (is it just me, or has the workload increased as compared to last year???), cca (for a lot of us), s paper and things like that, commitments outside school... I really don't see how we will find so much time to have class outings, class lunches, class dinners...etc etc. But one thing that we DO do as a class...is school. We have so many hours a week together, shouldn't it be enough? Or maybe we just don't make the most of it.
How do some groups of people form a clique anyway? Many of us have been talking about common interest and all that. But one thing I find very interesting, is that for my 'clique'...the 'IGS', I don't actually have much in common with them. I guess it's just start off by hanging around with a certain group, and it becomes so familiar that we kinda get stuck that way.
So. How to change now? I don't think there's any answer. I'm not even sure random seating would work. I don't think we even need to do anything now. When we're through with JC, that's when class spirit will really show. Just be patient.
Oh and Eric...you're welcome to join the IGS...if you can put up with the label. ;) I think you belong to a unique class of people: you can move within all groups! And you don't always have to talk to people when you're with them...do you?

dawn (: