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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 9:14 AM


Hi everybody, maybe I should come in and give my take on this issue of our class spirit.

3 major cliques, 3 divisive lines. That's the general picture that I see. Simply put, I also agree with everybody on what is going on. And to top things off, upon reflection, I realize that by not doing anything, I place the burden of fault on myself too.

For the past year, vascillating between the big DOTA forum (a majority of the time), the IGS (which I've never actually been inside), and the Front Row (sometimes talking with Daryl etc.), I realize I actually don't fit anywhere. Wait a minute: I'm so left out.

Yeah, true, I go off and eat at the high school side with the DOTA gang, but thinking about it, I don't really talk engagingly with them about anything. Then I tried to eat at the college canteen with the Front Row Clique, but mostly, I'm sitting there, eating my (ugh) food while listening to everybody rattle off their opinions on our tutors and lecturers. Or if I stay at the class bench, where the IGS is situated, I find myself reclusively doing some work, or else pestering (yes, pestering) very desperately (yes, very desperately) for others to kick that little feathered toy with me. I somehow wonder: have I become SP2 (Song Peng no.2)?

Class games, class lunches, class outings, class this, class that, class everything. That term 'class' is so cliche. It seems to me that we, as a class, have divided ourselves further into different classes. The DOTA class, the IGS class and the Front Row class. Where's the linking? Where's the bonding? (By the way, sometimes I feel lonely enough to actually look to 05S7B for someone to chat to.)

The root cause of this problem, I believe, lies with our priorities. Basically, the three groups have two different priorities: either studies, or games. Of course, there are anomalous elements within each group, but generally, that's the feel. Perhaps, it is time to change our priority to a more common one. Say, perhaps, (just as an example) enjoying our time together as a class. The methods of 'class this class that' might not work, however, as the faultlines are so divisive that if we were all to go out together, we'd all just fall back into our old cliques all over again. Yeah, and I'd be walking alone at the side. Perhaps Qunxiang's method of random seating, wherever we go, would be a better idea.

As to why I'm so isolated... I really can't tell for now. It's a newly-discovered sentiment within me. Perhaps if anybody could point it out to me, please do so. I wouldn't mind whichever method you want to tell me; via SMS, e-mail, BLOG, Y!Groups, face-to-face, just please give me an answer...

We must take note, however, that though we're divided, at least we are not embittered by our differences. At least we do not quarrel bitterly over simply everything and anything. Take joy in this fact that we can all still mend up.

Eric (: