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Sunday, January 16, 2005
dancing away 1:14 AM

GLENDON! thnx for coming to the rescue! yay, shall post more now. But this cannot turn into a liangz's blog so u guys must blog too! haha.

Yupz, today's STJ realli not bad. They very enthu and on. Were we like tt last yr? Haha, but I know for sure we din tok as much to seniors. Anyway people, how was the food? I seriously think the swordfish collar could have been better if not for the mass order. Haha. Shit I'm still very hungry now feel so pig. Yupz, the dedication of songs was cool! Yay. Ya, we kind of pissed other customers on, but we brought life to fish and co k! Haha, anyway after tt they also quite noisy so nvm. Then after tt play tt lame lame game. haha. Not bad lah hor... hope all of u guys had a fun time!

Now we should look forward to JTS. Yes, JTS. I wanna eat my share back! Haha.

Liangz (: