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Sunday, January 23, 2005
dancing away 1:06 AM

Haha... agree with Daryl and Guan Lin... the first three months of J2 is completely different from those of J1s lah... right now finding ourselves very busy with CCA, studies, and also the fun that we needed...

Abt the exhibition match, I think that sadly, very few play soccer... If we can get a team of 7 from junior and senior class, then maybe we can play with the 79s (they play everyday) or 78s (quite pro too)... but the thing is whether people will play or not loh...

Anyway, it is time to build up our class spirit... and a class outing is just the thing for us to do... next saturday? Since next sunday, daryl is also not free, ya? Have a common activity in which everyone can be involved... so I would highly recommend cycling! And indeed it helps us to destress... So 3 for class outing liaoz!!! Yeah!

qunxiang (: