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Thursday, January 27, 2005
dancing away 9:04 PM

Hey all,
Just went to the junior's class blog to take a look. Was oso reading up some of our own classmates' blogs. hmm looks like some of u guys not happy abt the cliques that has divided up class up, literally.
yea it's a pretty sad huh, that we don't seem bonded as a class, despite the class concert n other various outings we dun seem to haf a realli strong class spirit. i've got to admit the guys haf played a major role in this Great Divide. After all we are a walking DOTA forum, day in day out tok onli abt dota. I noe the rest of u all prolly damn bored already, hearing the same stuff over all the time. we also make daily pilgrimage to TCHS side for food, when most of u all go to HC Canteen to haf ur meals. we also don't make the effort to interact with the rest of u all.
haha i oso dunno how larh. i think we are adamant abt not eating in HC, for sure. frankly if u guys wanna do sth abt it, u all shud ditch ideas of class outings n stuff, cuz we'll still go divided. mebbe can start out simply. CT Rep must speak out lor ^^ Address dis problem to the class, when everybody is around and listening. no use complaining in this blog. i can count the number of people who blog with my 10 fingers. single digit for sure.
mebbe a suggestion is to sit in alternate seats. so the class is more evenly spread out. dun need always haf 3 kingdoms arrangement (front row clique, dota forum and the rest of the class) mebbe lectures oso?
zzzz it's just a suggestion bahz, i noe some pple think it's a bit too late le. i feel at the very least, shud attempt to do some dmg control lor. still haf abt 1 yr left together.

Laezeeth (: