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Saturday, January 22, 2005
dancing away 6:25 PM

hey ppl! i think we muz blog more often.. cannot leave it dusty and full of any sort of webs liao.. haha, see the juniors' blog? so clean and updated! oh dear.. okie, i'm crapping. hmm, i think j2 life is much tougher, with so many pple going home late and feeling so tired once at home but yet gotta do hwk and tutorials.. yupz, but hang in there, pple! we all can do it! =)

oh by the way, qx, when's the exhibition match? it seems that it's put on hold permanently? it'll be fun to see u guys and prob some girls playing! i don't really like soccer though... hmm, bball still suits me best! yupz! and i want to go east coast park! we should have a picnic there.. each person can bring some food, den we can all eat and talk and cycle! okie, enuff! byee!

Guan (: