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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 10:58 AM

hey pple! erm, foony, why don't u publish your draft? yupz.. all this 'discussion'... hmm, i would like to point out sth... it's not as if pple don't try to mix around. For example, when some of us girls tried random seating during maths lecture, the result was that we got to move back to sitting next to each other. Maybe that's why we don't like trying? I think the main idea is to get everyone to realise that there is a problem here and why not do sth about it, like knowing one more person better for this day? We should all try this, yeah? Random seating is okie too.. but don't juz seat next to someone else, but talk to him/her too! (Or else we'll end up sleeping coz the lecture is too boring or whatever...) Class outings are quite okay, i think.. it's juz a problem of who will actually go, and perhaps we should try persuading sp to go sometimes? Maybe pple will naturally go talk with their cliques, but it's during class outings that everyone or almost everyone will be present and then we could talk to anyone we want to, if we want to, that is. About the lunch problem... ehh... personally, i do try to get the girls to go there sometimes, but they are hard to convince.. haha.. someone try to convince them lehz! And the guys should go to hc canteen once in a while... the food is not that bad! Really! Maybe try the hokkien mee or chicken rice..? Haha.. oops! Hmm, but everyone don't be depressed, kaes? We ARE a class after all, and S7B will always rock! Yeah! Let's all jiayou together!

Guan (: