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Thursday, January 27, 2005
dancing away 11:20 PM

Hm. Must say smth le...

I think Glendon and Qun Xiang are right. I guess we can't possibly say it's the guys dota forum fault cos i admit it's fault on our part too. The front row people always a bit noisy and somehow neglect the entire class. I think everyone will feel the same way, that something needs to be done and everything. Of cos, those are feasible ideas. But isn't it a little...sad? I mean, we really want huang fang to stand up and say, ok, compulsory sit here sit there, every Monday compulsory go eat together...everything becomes compulsory. Will it have any effect? I doubt so.

If it's class bonding, it has to come from within. I think the most important thing now is to throw away whatever impression we have about another guy or another group and maybe we'll mix better. I dunnoe wad can be done. Seriously. Some clever souls do smth. I sux at coming up with actions. I can only question actions but never come up with some. So pardon me. Are wegoing to make it compulsory, or are we gonna take the initiative?

But smth needs to be done, fast. Tt's a fact. It's really not too late.

Liangz (: