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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 5:37 PM

Hmm I've been reading the class blog lately and it seems that a festering problem has at last come under discussion----that of cliques in s7b. Haha personally I hate to use the word cliques as the connotation is somehow negative. Well, to discuss such a matter, I guess we have to accept that cliques, to different extents, are inevitatble in classes and society as a whole. People of the same interests do gravitate and stick together because they enjoy the camaraderie of the group.

Ok I found this on google... "Some teens think cliques are just a normal part of school and give a sense of security and belonging.
"If you have a clique, you have a place where you belong," says Thomas, 15, from Mount Vernon Secondary."There are cliques at my school, but it's not such a big deal. People tend to blend in pretty well," agrees Audrey,17, from Catholic Junior College.Here's some small comfort. Experts say school cliques are totally normal. "

However that is not to say cliques cannot exert destructive effect on individuals outside of it. People who are excluded will feel weird, like when u are eating at the hc canteen with another group. Sure we are all classmates, but there's this unspoken boundary between them. I felt this way before sometimes. This is by no means a problem that can be solved overnight, but I think everyone in the class should take small steps towards ameliorating the problem. Say for example, a simple hello to him or a friendly hand gesture to her. The thing about "regulated random seating" won't work as it isn't good to restrict individual freedom.

Yes, we can still mix with pple that share interests, but the guys can tone down on dota speak in the presence of other non-dota players. Yea and we certainly can have class lunches or dinners, preferably with round tables included. Hmm maybe that's the problem..there aren't round tables in schools! With round tables, u can take in everyone sitting at the table as opposed to a rectangular table where ur "talking radius" is confined to at most 3 pple opposite u and 2 beside u.
Ya one more year to fix this... =)

Kosmik (: