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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 5:32 PM

Hmm not bad, suddenly this blog gort life again.

nwae eric, relax u r not SP ver 2.0. i think u r isolated, cuz our class boy ALL plae dota, either that or they r in the Front Row clique. Basically u don't play dota, neither do u tok abt much the topic the other boys tok abt. mebbe if all the boys started playing AOE 2 u'll be part of the forum too. mebbe u can start picking up dota? ^^ Or we can all wait for AOE 3 to be released, den we'll all haf sth common to tok abt. Yea i read from somewhere that there IS an AOE 3, i think the theme is settlers in the New World. haha sth to look forward to eh?

frankly in sec sch my class didn't haf such a problem. maybe cuz my class almost everyone haf attitude prob one. so yar most of us plaed Magic the Gathering, Lotr TCG, or Yu Gi Oh. Den a large majority watched (n bet) on soccer too. Not to mention the racist/vulgar streak in all of us. So yea we all got along fine.

budden come JC, there's quite a number of restrictions when mixing ard wif gers. I dunno that's how I feel. Somethings can't be said/done =P den it wud be pointless to tok abt games or soccer with the gers too. so i think most of us take the easy way out n juz mingle among ourselves. haha abt food: yea Guan Lin maybe rite. The hokkien mee isn't that bad, the chicken rice has some standard too. Budden it's not filling. =( In TCHS 2 bucks feeds a nation. somemore the queue at HC is disgustingly long.

like all the prev entries have stated, we shud find some common activity our WHOLE class can engage in.

Laezeeth (: