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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 1:11 AM

hmm.. liang liang.. can u add me as admin oso?? then i can help u with this blog.. cos u very busy oso..
and hmm.. this grp thingy again.. i'm sorry for starting all these. i dunnoe if it is good or bad to jus directly point out this prob on my blog previously.. but i admit i am a very direct and frank person.. i dun really noe the art of talking.. sigh.. but i totally agree with liangz.. it is really sth from within.. it is sth whereby u have to accomodate to others.. we all noe tt our interest and characteristics are very different.. it is jus a matter of whether we are willing to jus come together and jus have fun.. everyone has to start interacting and not jus a particular grp.. maybe we shld all reflect upon thyself and work it out. i dunno.. sigh.. another long dreary week ahead.. have fun everyone.. and soon cny will be here!

huangfang (: