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Monday, January 31, 2005
dancing away 11:52 PM


What a proposition, Dawn. I don't mean to be sarcastic or anything (please don't get the wrong idea...) but me in the IGS would really make me an anomaly. Bleah.... =P

You guys sure I'm really not SP2? I mean, like, sigh... Just feel detached with nobody to really talk engagingly to. After all, I am a chatterbox, and I need to just talk, given the right topics (War history, literary analysis, technology and wushu, if you all are curious... oh add the AOE series to the list) and person to talk to, though... So probably that's why...

Btw, HF, I beg to differ on the issue of the divide becoming more serious through more discussion. On the other hand, from the tone I gather from analyzing everybody's diction, it seems we're all gradually coming to a greater level understanding of this issue. And everybody has been amicable in discussing it, so why not let the discussion flourish? I think it'd be really good if everybody would come to learn something out of this discussion.

Oh ya, I'm just curious to know, who here has the star sign of Leo?

CNY coming. Then Valentines Day. Then more work. And then Block Tests. Sigh............

Still, the issue, though isn't resolved, isn't at a dead end either. Take heart in knowing that though we are divided, we are coming closer to knowing each other with each passing BLOG article that comes up on the issue.

Eric (: