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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 10:36 PM

ome okie this is lame.. i typed sth and post and poof it is gone!! nvm
thanx liang for adding!
and to dawn junkai and changfang.. u all can jus go to the profiles part on the dashboard to edit ur username then can show alr.. yep yep. ;)
anyway. personally i dun really like using c l i q u e s.. sounds quite bad actually. haha. were jus groups.. and in a class there is bound to be groups.. and soon we can be a happy 'farmily' :D

if theres's a will there's a way! rock on 7B!!! :))))))

anyway i think it got more and more serious cos we keep talking about it.. i think it is not tt bad after all ba. i hope.. there is still hope man! yea! haha.. k k .. have a great week ahead.. cny coming sooN!!!!!! why do i keep saying this?? hahaha. k nvm.. have fun!

huangfang (: