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Sunday, January 16, 2005
dancing away 1:02 AM

Shall continue from where Kai Liang left off. *sweep sweep* *dust dust* nwae just bloggin for fun larh. STJ was fun n 7B ownz!!! haha cud tell we were irritating the other customers budden haha not our problem larh. hmm who dedicated songz to our class arh, good job leh. let everyone noe whu we are ^^ hmm btw jun kai n i ordered a drink, we hafn't paid for it yet. pay to whu arh...
sadly today's DOTA: Gathering of Heroes, Showdown of Pacts not v successful. some people missing in action so cannot realli haf an all out match. must haf one soon, while we still haf the chance.
Peace out, n rock on!

Laezeeth (: