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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 5:47 PM

Wow, within one day and I see so many entries. That's a good sign =p

Well, I must say that it is indeed heartening to see all of us actively discussing and engaged on this topic. It shows at least we all care? And that we feel a bonded class matters to us a lot? That's a good place to start from! At least we all know that deep down inside, we actually do want to mix around and have a more close-knitted class?

Perhaps before we kick-start anything, we could try to put aside our differences? To do away with whatever impressions we have of the other person? Like say you think..oh this person belongs to which clique and whatever, do you think I should start off a conversation with him/her? And what should I say? I guess we should try to diminish such waryness..Well, by that I don't mean discarding all sensitivities one has for the other and say anything but hmm at least like speak naturally instead of speaking for the sake of holding a conversation, cos I feel that will not help to nurture true bonding but only superficial ones?

And one thing on random seating... it's a good idea since it allows more opportunities for interaction among us. With interaction comes understanding, and with that comes acceptance, then bonding. And I feel that initially when we start having random seating, we might face situations when we don't know what to talk to our neighbour about. I guess that would be quite natural, since we have to admit that most of us are more introverted rather than extroverted? However, I feel we should not be discouraged or think that eh...is there something wrong with me such that he/she doesn't speak to me? Because for all you might know, the person beside has such sentiments too! So perhaps when we start off this random seating thing, we should realli see it as a chance to know more about each other instead of constantly evaluating it, asking ourselves if it works or not since if we do that, we would be too eager for results rather than to establish a true bond.

Let us have no expectations in whatever efforts we do to promote class bonding. Rather, enjoy the process of mixing around! If we believe in it, we can do it!

irene (: