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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 6:38 PM

Yay i finally get to see the invite b4 it expires. Wow there's really been some frank discussion. Just want to add my 2 cents' worth. The problem seems to be serious, now that every1's blogging abt it.

Hah around last year, guanlin used to talk about it to me, but i simply thought that it was normal for a class to be cliquely, just like what foony said. For my sec 4 class, there were also cliques, but come to think about it, there was a bit more interaction btwn cliques than compared to 04S7b i guess..

Has anyone wondered why some people tend to be viewed as "not bothered"?..For quiet people like me, it's not as if i don't care, it's just this psychological barrier i guess. I'm quite scared of people, so i tend to speak more to people i'm more familiar with, and find it hard to open up to people i don't usually mix around with. (hah but i have improved k, u ask pple who knew me in sec 1 or 2, then you'll know i don't speak to people i don't mix with at all.)

Then for so-called "not bothered" guys or gals in our class...maybe it has something to do with the fact that the class people, except foony and me, are frm single-sex schools? Some lament the lack of interaction btwn guys and gals, but maybe both sides just find it hard to talk to the opposite sex, save for some who doesn't have such a problem. (and i notice those guys who talk more freely to gals are usually attached or have a crush on someone.) Otherwise, there's the reason that qunxiang brought up, that is some people put studies first b4 making close friends..

I was wondering...why is it so important to have class bonding? Maybe it's like when a earth-shaking event occurs, then everybody rallies around one person;or when everyone goes thru a emotional situation together, u feel a gratifying sense of belonging. Or simply just that one needs to widen his or her circle of friends. I think the former is more impt, in that it is more meaningful. Let's say we achieve a state where everyone can communicate regularly with each other. But what meaning is there if at the end of the day, it's just superficial interaction?

Hah i actually think destiny plays a big part (what a romantic notion). There isn't really much to do, perhaps maybe everybody should be conscious of this situation, and simply take a bigger interest in interacting with people ard u. Maybe it won't happen in a very conscious manner..but i think it will be enough when we reach a level where, let's say something happens, and every1 rallies ard that person..

lalaa (: