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Sunday, January 30, 2005
dancing away 4:12 PM

Yeah! It is good to see so many blogging! Seeing one of the highest blog density in the 04S7B blog due to this issue.

Foony is actually right. Why do we bother to do something? Bonding is not proportional to the amount u talk to each other, it is not measured by whether u sit beside him or her... It is the internal feeling that binds us each other, something that will not be achieved if we just sit with each other, talk with each other... but the crux is in understanding each other of his strength or weakness, knowing about his thoughts and emotions, and working together when there is a need... We should not withhold the thinking that the others will not be enthusiastic. Take the first step and I believe, people will soon follow.

So if we were to random sit, don't just sit with the ones beside u... Do chit-chat about stuffs such that firstly, you won't fall asleep; and secondly, know more about each other and appreciate each other's talent and character. Forcing won't help... Remember it has to come from the heart.

So, don't let the attention that we have placed on this issue come to nothing! Do something and let 04S7B bond as one!

qunxiang (: