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Friday, February 04, 2005
dancing away 9:07 PM

hey everybody! ahh, it's FRIDAY!!! yeahh!! feel so happie.. haha... after the long, arduous, SPA-filled week, we are finally free! YES! oops.. i sound crazy, but then i'm happy wad... anyway, juz a small little qn.. are we still continuing with the random seating plan? coz a lot of pple seems not very enthu about it lehz..

hmm, anyway, today some of us were having lunch at hc canteen, and the juniors were there too! hA! and guess what? david is such a nice guy! he volunteered to buy drinks for everyone (including us seniors) and he hasn't even bought his own food yet! so nice rite? now guys, this is what i call gentlemanly.. yes yes.. pls go learn from him! haha.. oops...

oh ya, the cny gathering at my house is on rite? hmm, now got to plan who's bringing what food and all that.. oh, my mummy says she's cooking bee hoon for u all.. is it okie? and who's going? who's not going? tell me soon! byee!

Guan (: