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Saturday, February 26, 2005
dancing away 1:02 AM

Heya! Long long time nv see a post from me alr right? hahaz. Anyway, today's cross country wasn't tt bad i guess. At first the thot of having to run really sian diao liao, but after running felt quite shiok right! Hahaz, anyway, turf city's path not tt gd to run, hahaz, and it kind of stinks. Anyway, i think today's x-country quite enjoyable considering all the encouragement/jiayous given and all the crap tok and the dinner and everything else. yay!

Tell u all a gd news! I DUN HAVE TO GO TO SCH TML! Yay! It's realli rare for me not to go to sch on sats. hahaz. can slp more! Zzzz....

liangz (: