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Saturday, February 12, 2005
dancing away 11:23 PM

Hi everybody!

Wahaa.... great party at GL's place! Hope we didn't cause too much trouble for your parents.

I can't believe I actually slept for over half an hour on the floor... must be really bushed out. Did my magic tricks look convincing? I know that teaching JK, PS, CF and SS would mean that the trick's essentially out... oh but I just hope that I was convincing enough...

How were the dumplings? Like them? They're frozen, and can be found at NTUC. It's quite cheap, come to think of it, for that many dumplings at SGD5.75 each pack. And it's like, chi1 bu2 ni4 de lor... I picked them. =P That's why I'm making this big advert for them. (oh, and they've been sold at a discounted price for quite a while...)

Argh, so tired already... seeyaall!

Eric (: