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Sunday, February 06, 2005
dancing away 6:55 PM

Ok pple, let's thnx hf for this nice job done is comimg up with a new template!

Anyway, I've changed the html code so tt people's names can be seen so u dun need to type in ur name.

Yupz people, monday coming again, then it's a whole week of celebration/slack time! WoohoO~ Of cos we'll have our class tuan2 bai4 on sat right? Hmm, good news here...daryl and I can finally go cos biomed is cancelled! yayness! So expect more laughter/noise cos I'll be there! =P
And tuesday is cny celeb. DUN PON AR! Support me lehz cos i'll be the emcee then very cham is no one there. hahaz, and u guys must laugh/clap and be supporting to hype up crowd. Help me k! =) tchs guys going back sch must wait for me!!!!!! Or maybe dun lahz cos i might be quite late cos have to clear up. hahaz.

Yah the class bdae is so cool! Altho erm...luckily it's not the lunar calendar! hahaz. Yupz yupz. We'll start prep for bdae celeb after our block test 2! Yay. Oh tml we'll be laoing yusheng so bring all ur cams! Oh and can those people who took pics for class concert/stj/rehearsal or any other events with class pass me or smth like tt so i can compile? Kk, shall end off here. Look forward to a better week ahead!

liangz (: