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Sunday, February 20, 2005
dancing away 8:07 PM

waha.. k it is me again.. lols. anyway jts was great! thanx to the juniors! haha.. althou we did have a hard time trying to locate tt york hotel. and i was like 'shivering' outside la. haha.k kiddin. and yea.. the buffet does offer quite a variety of food. but seems like neva really eat u'll feel damn full alr. then we were like making ice cream bread and all for mortals, angels, and anyway u can link it together. lols. it was quite fun actually.. jus tt we wasted quite alot of food cos we were all kinda bloated and none could finish all the food la. yep.. and then was the highlight of the day. liang and daryl 'kissed'! haha. then was chengrong and xin hui.. and our kind niu gave them a helpful push and they nearly touched la.. luckily they didnt. if not chu wen gone alr. then was zi yang and sam.. kah kiat took a fantastic pic of tt! they really looked as if they are kissing. damn shiok. haha. go visit the 05S7B blog soon then u can get to see it. after tt we took a photo at the fu lu shou and then off we go! bought tics for white noise.. but there was an hoursinterval in bet so we went to loiter ard galleria.. cos the junior class say they wanna sing and record some songs for their blog?? haha. and then we were like a lil late for the movie alr. but to our horror we realise we only had 8 tics when there is suppose to be 11.. so we quickly rushed to ask from the auntieat the ticket booth... and discovered tt we left 3 tics there. -_-"' so lame.. so paiseh la.. haha. anyway the show was kinda lame.. pls dun watch it. haha. cos for timid pple like me it is acceptable but for more daring pple it is simply no kick.. so yea.. watch others. one day we go and watch spongebob square pants tog!!!!!! hehe~~ see ya all tml! we can have macs breakfast again. hahahahaha. :D

huangfang (: