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Friday, February 18, 2005
dancing away 9:21 PM

yohoo pple! i m here to clear the dust again!!!! haha.eh pple blog more leh.. dun let spiders manifest themselves here.(: yep yep..and yes..maybe we shld have some games sessions next time?? keep healthy and it'll be really fuN! haha. cos i tried tt. and playing cards is really dangerous. saw mr pang surveying the school in the afternoon. got quite a shock althou i wasnt playing then but it was lying on our class beanch. no wonder he was like scrutinising me. i am innocent! :p
and yesh shall help u all recap the details for jts.. i bet no one wld wan to miss this great opportunity to qiao them back rite. haha yep yep. it is 1 pm at cityhall. guys pls do not get too carried away with ur dota and come late.. yep. if nt we shall leave first. haha. :D we are dining at cafe carteL! and chengrong told me tt they have the exact same idea to go watch movie and it is white noise too! haha. so we shall have an outing together after tt too. (: hee. k k.. update pple!!!!!!!!!

huangfang (: