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Friday, February 04, 2005
dancing away 11:57 PM

yoyo! haha.. yeah man i totally agree with guan lin!!!!!! hahaha.. and yes.. i tink u all shld noe this but jts will be after the bai nian at her house. so yap does it kind of tempt u into going for both?? haha. and yesh we shld bring food. and pple we might be lao-ing yu sheng on monday!!!!!! hehe. with mr loi. our dear xiu zhen will most prob help us buy.. (: so be prepared! and bring digi cam if u wan! :D
oh yesh any more anouncements.. hmm yesh.. no guys wanna go for blood donatioN????? really no guys?? eh. come on. haha.. k k.. no forcing.. since the guys oso a bit malnutrition in out class.. all tyring to put on weight. aha. kiddin la!
anyway we getting sunflower for our beloved mr loi for vdae! any objections?? yes no?? anyway we ordered alr la.. haha. k lames. jus hope he dun see this.. hmmm. we shld invite himover next time too. like our junior class. ;)
yep yep..and yes.. new year is coming! woohoO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

huangfang (: