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Saturday, March 05, 2005
dancing away 12:56 AM

Hey people! Yupz, today I was setting up a stall outside audi for sales of old and new T-shirts to J3s who are back to collect their result, when I saw some of them cried while some were ultra happy until they started screaming and shouting... Hmm...and I heard there were even more shoutings and clapping inside the audi when the results were announced...now i feel so inspired to work hard...(inspired does not equate to carrying it out =P) Hahaz...but let's all work hard and pia hard too as a class so we thrash 7A and 79...eh possible k! Hahaz, first up will be block test! Yaya, even if u dun like it, BT is just...a few wks away...two i think. Jia yous everyone! Hahaz, so nxt yr when we come back we can all scream and shout and be happy as an entire class! Yayness~~~

liangz (: