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Thursday, March 03, 2005
dancing away 5:33 PM

mmmz thursdays are good cuz they end early. muahaha reach home at 5pm. rocks man.
time sure flies. while everyday in lesson is like eternity in hell, somehow it's almost the end of term 1. 1 more week b4 study leave (a.k.a march hols) bah block test is coming n i hafn't started. =.= somemore 6.00 is out!!! zzz lousy time to be released. there is no justice in this world
mmz A lvl results out tml! argh chi hist! argh PW! XD haha somehow, i'm not concerned. *plays song, Numb by Linkin Park* hope that HC does well, so we can haf holiday on monday wahaha. aiyarh phy pract no need go one larh.
well i'm done sweeping the dust from this blog. b4 i go lemme recommend more sites for u guys =)

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Laezeeth (: