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Sunday, May 29, 2005
dancing away 2:08 AM

hmm wonder if there are pple visiting this place still.. haha. anyway.. wanna remind u all of our chalet. so keep those three days free k!! hmm those who cannot make it due to some resaon or another. at least try to come for one day pls..

date: 3/7-5/7 (sunday to tuesday)
venue: aloha loyang

it is priced at 260 bucks.. got abundant toilets and it is sea view!!! damn cool! then we can go count shooting stars at nite. haha. so divding it.. plus bbq and stuff. everyone pls bring 15 bucks on the first day of sch k.. and give eunice.. thanks thanks..
oh yesh.. will be puttin apoll for class outing. pls do vote.. yep yep.. enjoy ur hols!!

huangfang (: