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Monday, June 27, 2005
dancing away 12:45 AM

hi everyone! hmm.. bt is like 1 day and a few hours away from now on.. wish everyone good luck and jiayou till the last second! aniwae, this is sth that i read from my fren's blog.. quite an insightful entry.. enjoy.

[[yea sure, we all enjoy the feeling of being protected, being wanted, being loved. being loved is easy. what about learning how to love, with the purest of intentions?
to wish is to hope. to expect is to demand, to give disappointments a chance to arise. love is free of expectations.

just because someone doesnt love you in the way that you want them to, doesnt mean that they dont love you with all that they have.
and eventually we'll realise that what is most valuable is not what we have in our lives, but whom we have in our lives.

what exactly is loving without expectations?

perhaps...after lending a shoulder for someone to cry on, youre not expecting words of thanks or appreciation...but jt thankful that you were able to be there for her when she needed it.

perhaps...its not being angry when you find out that she only approached you because youre the last person who wld bother to listen to her, yet instead you end up showering her with concern and care, because of love, all you want for her is to be happy.

perhaps...its the absence of jealousy when she shares her feelings with someone else, but youre jt relieved that she has someone to pour out her thoughts to.

selfless love? really, tagboard's open for comments. what is love without expectations to you?

maybe its the need to see her/him happy, safe, protected. knowin that she/he may not feel the same way about you?

inconclusive. thinkingg...loving without expectations must be the highest level of friendship.
daring to love without fear of rejection. is that it?]]

Guan (: