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Saturday, June 11, 2005
dancing away 11:10 PM

woohooo!! haha.. update on our ice skating trip..
one word settles it all.
it was GREAT! :D
haha. thanks to all who turned up.. hehe.. cos we had a really great time..but those who din make it dun be sad.. we can always go again.. ((:
hehe.. and yea. can ask mr loi to go and teach us too.. since he can do back skate.. eh do u call it tt way?? and he is super pro!!! haha.. hao xian mu wo...
lols.. there are quite alot of nice movies coming up i think. so maybe we can go and catch one or two if we got time.. shows like intial D ( got jay chou inside!!) and some others.. haha. if u all wan can organise again.. (:
anyway special thanks to guan lin, mingfai and drey! haha.. w/o whom i wld not have only fallen once.. lols.. ;)

huangfang (: