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Friday, August 26, 2005
dancing away 11:32 PM

surprised???!! it's me again! woah! lame. this time is to post the story tt audrey wrote since some said they wanna see. yea. so there u go..

A gigantic lightning bolt snaked out of the clouds and split the ship into half. Thunder clapped as the desperate 7B survivors swam their way to the deserted island …… The thunderstorm went as quickly as it had come. Mr. Loi, with his usual air of calm amusement, did a headcount: “…28, 29, 30. Someone’s missing.” But the sudden discovery that the trees on the island were bearing chocolate had provoked a stampede, and he couldn’t be sure. “Let’s not get too excited, shall we?..” he started haplessly, but was interrupted by an enthusiastic Song Peng. “Mr. Loi! Let’s talk about quantum fluctuation…”… After the initial chocolate fervor, everyone left to explore the island, leaving only xiu and PS behind to build a shelter for the night. Their relative peace was quickly broken by fangz and foony who had returned quickly. “PS~ Help me get a drink!” But before PS could go, Xiu grabbed hold of his sleeve with a possessive look in her eyes… Perhaps a refrigerator was what Chao needed as he sat hot and dejected on a rock, suffering from severe DOTA withdrawal symptoms. He tried to ignore the high-pitched wails of “Chao, come sit with me!” drifting from the sands below, where Eunice was tanning herself and gazing disconsolately at the sky that carried no hint of purple. Beside her, Eugene, SS, MF and Glendon were absorbed in their calculator game. “…until 100” “Ok, set…” The familiar clicking noises attracted a relieved Mdm Yeo. “What do you think is the p-robility of us getting off this island?” Math genius MF gave a prompt answer – “0.0147”. Seeking divine intervention, the guys started to worship MF, “god who is greater than all”. The initial ritual was to sacrifice Chao the Unbeliever; unfortunately he slipped away by turning sideways…...Still blissfully unaware of her dire chances, Kling was counting her blessings on the other end of the island. “Lucky my jacket is still intact – hey, DOLPHINS!” But there was no one to share her joy, for fanatic swimmers CF, Drey and Irene were already splashing in the surf. Unfortunately, nemesis JK appeared right at that moment. “Hehehe…” he commented, ruffling her hair. Behind them, QX was squinting at the sun. “I think we are at 70°W, 15°N. So this must be - ” “The Caribbean!” Annie cut him off, scanning the horizon eagerly for Johnny Depp. Meanwhile, just off the beach, the swimmers had made a strange find – a guitar on the seafloor, to Irene’s and Drey’s immense distaste. Amused, CF wondered “where’s GGL? She would be happy to see this…”… Hungry and hopeless, the girl in question was stalking through the jungle with Eric the ‘bottomless pit’ by her side, having found nothing on the island she wanted to eat. Just then she exclaimed, “Shoots -a cow!” They circled their prey. Then Eric threw a mango seed at it. “Ouch!” said Daniel, who had been having a nap on the forest floor. “MOO!”…… “What’s that? I think it must be B. taurus,” observed Dayrl. “No, I think it’s B. indicus,” TJ countered. They looked expectantly at Ms Yang. “Hmm I think it is H. sapien. But let’s KIV that – finding a way to escape is more important,” she said, glancing worriedly at Dawn and XR, who were arguing over whether a sailboat or a canoe would be the best way to get off the island. Soon, XR’s shouts and Dawn’s tantrum could be heard from miles away…… “Who’s disturbing my sleep?” said an irate voice. Ms Heng, by far the most comfortable in such primitive surroundings, was lying on a rock and fanning herself with a large leaf. KLiang was making no effort to keep his incredulous snorts to himself. Just then, the sky was overcast again. “Quick, run!” He shouted, leading the way to the only cave on the island, where the rest of the class had already gathered. Walking into the cave mouth, he stopped, aghast. Approaching them from the shadows was a fearful shape, with a mass of thick dark hair cascading down her shoulders... The girls screamed. “Why did y’all take so long to find me? I’m sure y’all, being the smart people you are, would have done it faster if you put in more effort!” the suddenly familiar figure boomed with annoyance.

huangfang (: