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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
dancing away 3:38 PM

TADA! Wah really too quiet. So I supposed this place needs a noisy guy to heat things up a little. Now that prelims over and school's gonna be officially over soon...(it's officially over for me...sadly...staying at home is quite boring), and then everyone will start transforming into mugging freaks, so just wanna say dun get too stressed by wadever tt may stress u!!!!! Hahaz. Come i teach u all how not to be stressed. First, open the windows and start screaming. Second, bang ur head against the wall. Third, go to sleep and never wake up.

OOOOh! Sounds exciting huh! Don't come to me if your neighbour complains or if you see blood stain on the wall. Well, if you choose the third method, it's the safest cos you probably won't have the chance to come and look for me...hopefully =S

Right tt was REALLY some crap so that this place will have an additional entry. HAHAHAz. You can see how crazy I've become, so if you wanna try this kind of crazy feeling don't bother taking drugs. Just go get HFM and stay at home while everyone's in school piaing.

btw, if you're really very bored or stressed, go to this website. It's quite fun...provide some quality entertainment while you've nth to do, or dun feel like doing anything.



liangz (: