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Thursday, November 17, 2005
dancing away 4:29 PM

hahha. after being MIA for so long.. i finally appear and back to haunt this place.. wahaha.
sorry arh. think the old skin is very ugly. haha.
my fault.
this one may be a bit better.. k at least better than tt one la hah. haha. pls understand i am not html savvy. hoho.
if anyone can design skin help help k. k to more impt stuff

A's is ending sooN~~ hoho. be4 we noe it.. it's only like 4 more days. to the day when we can unwind and have fun~~ so hang on there~~
jia you~~

oh yesh yesh.. eric... commendable effort put in for ur poem! ((:

huangfang (: