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Saturday, November 19, 2005
dancing away 5:21 PM

hey hey!!
it's me again.. i was thinking rite since most pple end our A's on diff days. cos some have s on this day and tt day. and audrey has bio s which ends on next monday.. so lets have a class outing next week?? wanna make a visit back to sentosa?? ( i noe i said this be4. sorry sorry.. it wasnt carried out then.. but better late then neva! haha) we can ask our junior class oso?? sth like mimicking the one we have during our first 3 months.. haha.. can get a nice tan for prom oso.. hoho. thou not a burn la hopefully. anyone on for this idea?? eh.. this is jus a sketchy plan first.. i'll send email soon~~ then we can vote..
of course can consider other things oso.. or maybe we can go movie marathon, feastin at some buffet ( prom is coming thou. lol), go climb bukit timah hill ( interesting too isnt it? (: ), shopping!! eh hmm oso can be quite interesting. haha...
but for chalet rite. i think it will be quite hard. paiseh hoh.. cos i guess it will be too late to book a chalet now.. hmm. so after our prom we can loiter about orchard for the whole nite alr. haha. but oh wells we'll see how.. miracles may happen. got lobang mus tell me k~~
oh yesh.. guys i noe u are itching for dota.. but not on our class outing day. haha.. k k..
for now have loads of fun on monday and thurday!! lol.

huangfang (: