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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
dancing away 11:33 PM

paiseh.. i am quite lazy.. can i jus rip off my blog and paste it here. waha.. nice day out! (:

junkai!! ripped off his cap.. wahaha.

the 3 ns man who turned up today~~ hoho. lucky them to be in sch 2.. can go in tml only... BOTAKS!

and this one.. a head full of hair.. ming fai!! so long neva see his comical face alr~~ hoho.

see the stark contrast bet a guy who has undergone ns and one who hasnt.. guess whose hands are these?? the black one is ss's hand.. the white one.. eh i think i dun have to say u shld noe oso.. think this pic is damn coOL~~

them playing with sth tt xiu bought.. and xiu was trying hard to protect it be4 it gets ruin by the guys.. wahha. but seems interesting.

us all! rene left earlier thou and ahem, this missy here is the photographer!

this one nicer!! cos there's me in there! wahaha. ntoiced sth.. me and ss both wearing white.. so shines among the blacks. lol.

huangfang (: