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Friday, September 07, 2007
dancing away 1:00 AM

Being the procrastinator that I am, it's only now that I've begun clearing up my hotmail inbox lol ( there still remains a grand total of 600 over undeleted mails -_-). But as I was deleting those irrelevant stuff from MSN and co, I couldn't help but read through past mails, some dating back all the way to J1. I saw numerous emails related to the Music of the Night (yes people still remember this?!) and looking back, we really had one heck of a time! Rehearsals, meetings that lasted late into the night and arguments. Indeed there were times when we all felt like giving up but somehow we just motivated each other through ( saw this email from kailing saying it's either we don't look back and do it or give up now ) =D. Things are really different now that I'm revisiting it almost 3 years later. Then I stumbled onto this email regarding some farewell dinner for the guys going into NS at Chomp Chomp. That could be said to be our last true class gathering =X. And here we are, almost 2 years later and ORDing soon! Perhaps we should have a ORD dinner HAHA. Though we all may have gone our separate ways now and found new friends, the 7B spirit still lives strong in each and everyone of us! There is and will only be one class of people that can truly call themselves 04s7Bians. Meet up soon for MAf yeah?

Kosmik (: